Why choose a Solid Surface product for the bathroom

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For years, in all sector fairs, Solid Surface products have been presented. In the last Cersaie or in the 2019 edition of the ISH in Frankfurt, many companies presented the public with washbasins, tubs and tops in this mysterious and futuristic material. When you are about to furnish your bathroom, the doubt is legitimate: better to focus on this new material or on the expensive and reliable ceramic?

Let's see what is meant by Solid Surface and what are its characteristics that make it the most talked about bathroom furniture material of the year.

Main features

It is a mixture composed of minerals, in particular bauxite, acrylic or polyester resins, and pigments. These materials are processed through thermal and chemical processes, up to the creation of different shapes obtained by pouring into prepared molds. In this way the solid surface panels are obtained, available mainly in white color but also in various colors and finishes with wood or marble effect.

Why choose them

1 resistance

As you can guess from the name, Solid Surface is an extremely resistant material to abrasions and scratches. Durable over the years, it is also often used in the kitchen for this feature. Many manufacturers compare Solid Surface to stone in terms of strength. Like any natural material, it is not indestructible, but it has a very important value: it can be repaired.

2 repair

A unique feature of the material is the possibility, through the use of an abrasive sponge, to be able to make the surface homogeneous after it has been slightly scratched. Just rub the sponge with an abrasive solvent (not aggressive) and make the surface homogeneous again. This characteristic makes the material durable over the years and regenerable.

3 lavorabilità

The ease of processing makes the material extremely interesting as regards shapes and curves. The processing index is very similar to that of wood, so companies can create products with an innovative design without neglecting the characteristics that we have listed before.

4 hygiene and cleaning

Solid surface is a non-porous and compact material of its nature, these characteristics make it extremely hygienic. External agents and bacteria do not have the ability to enter inside. A very important feature in a place like the bathroom, where the presence of bacteria must be kept to a minimum.

The absence of joints between the parts does not allow the stains to bite into the product and make daily cleaning easy. Just bring a cloth and a mild detergent and you're done!


As described, the Solid Surface seems to be the material of the future: resistant and hygienic, but there are limits that do not make it an indestructible material.

The daily impact resistance is excellent but not excellent when the damage is deep, every scratch or important stress makes the material unusable, but this feature is present in all bathroom materials such as ceramic or glass (except stone).

The Solid Surface in our online catalog


Corian Solid Surface is a material used in many products that vary from the sink to the tub, up to tables for furniture.

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4 hygiene and cleaning

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