Wallpaper: 3 ideas for decoring your home

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Wallpaper is so much more than just covering your walls with a pattern. It's a great way to add a personal touch to your home. It can help define your style and add a little something special to your room.

In this blog post, we will be going to show you three wallpaper ideas that you can use to transform your walls into a luxury design, from your living room to your bathroom. 

How to choose wallpaper’s material

The choice of wallpaper material is crucial because it determines its durability and excellent performance on the wall. The most reliable and therefore most widely used materials are:

  • Cellulose: this is the most delicate material among the various alternatives; to ensure good performance, it is necessary to choose it thick;
  • Fiberglass: it is used to cover the walls and floor of the bathroom and kitchen as it provides excellent resistance to moisture and frequent trampling. It does not retain odors, does not yellow or rust;
  • Vinyl wallpaper: formed of one side printable vinyl and one side i TNT that provides excellent performance and easy installation and removal, It is fire retardant, washes with soap and water and does not absorb odors.

Each manufacturer company has then patented innovative materials that make their wallpapers unique and of high quality. It is necessary, therefore, to choose the material carefully after deciding which room to decorate.

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Be inspired by our proposals

Discover below the proposals suggested by our interior designer to furnish three different rooms of the house: the living room, the bathroom and the outdoors.

Glamora: Divina Collection

glamura wallpaper carole

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Collection inspired by the 20s and 30s that draw a sophisticated and precious atmosphere. The protagonists of the collection are the flowers and plants that are drawn in shades ranging from white to nude, from gray to blush, from clay to precious gold, giving brightness and freshness to the room.

The Divina Collection is designed for spacious and bright rooms, bedrooms or living rooms characterized by a classic, contemporary and refined style.

Glamora’s wallpapers are made with GlamSatin, a high-quality material by Glamora composed of a viscose fabric with mineral powder that gives precious reflections to the walls and a sophisticated silk effect.

Inkiostro Bianco: enhance your bathroom

inkiostrobianco natural beauty understory

As we have already seen, wallpaper can be an alternative for any area of your home.

An original idea we would like to propose for your bathroom is to use wallpaper only on the walls inside the shower. This will decorate the space and make the shower the star of the room.

To ensure excellent performance and durability, it is necessary to choose the right material. Inkiostro Bianco has created an innovative fiberglass wall covering: EQ-dekor. Endowed with high strength, it is used to cover the walls and floors of the bathroom and kitchen. It withstands frequent trampling and moisture, does not retain odors, does not turn yellow and does not rust. .

Wall&decò: The innovative outdoor wallpaper

wall&deco outdoor

Outdoor wallpaper is a great way to decorate your walls. Wall&decò has created an innovative wallpaper that is excellent for covering concrete walls, cement plasters and outdoor plasterboard. It is made of fiberglass and has anti-smog, anti-yellowing and rain-resistant properties. In this article we introduce you the Wall&Decò's Architecnica collection inspired by geometric shapes. Circles and lines draw a contemporary pattern with a 3D effect and generate special perspective results.

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