Taps: what are the best brands?

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Taps: what are the best brands?


Discover the 5 brands for taps, present on our e-commerce, ideal for decorating your bathroom. For each of them Dwelli recommends an iconic product.

When choosing bathroom furniture, a fundamental element is the tap. In the bathroom, sink taps are particularly important: depending on the type of installation (for example wall-mounted or freestanding), the design of the model and the finish, taps affect the design phase of the room. Color, shape, materials and position are details that influence the suitable choice of the rest of the furniture.


Gessi has the merit of having revolutionized the traditional image of taps in an extremely original way, anticipating and stimulating a reinterpretation in the vision of the bathroom: from a functional room to a living and furnishing environment, and personalizing in every detail.

The unprecedented, minimalist, rectangular and clean shape introduced by Gessi in taps has transformed an everyday object into a small furnishing sculpture. Rettangolo is a design icon, it has the evocative and communicative power of eternal designs; it is well designed, instantly recognizable and at the same time functional. It is possible to recognize a meaning, an identity and a personality in Rettangolo.


The needs change quickly and consequently the design culture evolves. To furnish a bathroom with style, with attention to functionality and aesthetics, Ritmonio completes the DOT316 range with the DOT316 Round proposals: uniqueness and elegance. Tap takes its name from the perfect and harmonious geometries of the circle, which in this new version are declined in the body and spout of the faucet, for a simply sophisticated bathroom.

Available in brushed stainless steel, brushed black stainless steel and brushed champagne stainless steel, DOT316 Round offers a touch of modernity and design freedom, for a new concept of luxury. Round and soft volumes, with rotary control, which enhance design and clean lines, while maintaining the water-saving features.


Agape presents the new Limón taps by Patricia Urquiola, with fresh geometries. The latter come together to form a single object: the encounter and union with its own circular section, as in the tradition of agricultural grafting, transforms the apparently elementary geometries of Limón into something completely different. A new and intriguing type of tap that communicates its structure and intended use with unusual honesty and clarity. In this case, the wall mounted and dual-control mixer, with matt black finish, gives the bathroom a unique character.

Cea Design

For a more sophisticated design, the most suitable type could be that of freestanding (or floor-mounted) taps. The sophisticated elegance of the lever is combined with the body of the mixer which, starting from the floor, forms a unique element of great technological expression. The careful workmanship of the handle is perfectly inscribed in the tapered body with a diameter of 30 mm. A collection that continues to combine the thought of tradition with the strength of the material and construction technique.


A wall-mounted tap in the bathroom gives elegance, comfort and purity of lines and shapes. Opting for taps of this type means going to enhance only what you see, because the rest is embedded in the wall and hidden from view. This is why the Icon Classic is timeless, it is a reinterpretation of the classic tap, played in a subtle and refined way on the proportions. Proposed in different versions, from chrome to Nickel PVD, and also in further finishes from the most modern, industrial to the more material and tactile ones.

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