Is it possible to install a sauna in our home?

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As we talked in a previous articlethe sauna has several benefits and it is becoming more and more present in common houses.

If you have always wanted to recreate the same relaxing atmosphere of wellness centres, a household sauna can be the perfect solution for you.

In the past, the sauna was reserved only for luxurious and big houses and the possibility to install it in a domestic flat was really a real utopia, even if people could afford it. Nowadays, thanks to the technologic progress and concentrated design: we have the opportunity to install a sauna even in narrow places.

How does a sauna work?

The sauna is a wooden cabin with a sliding glass door, there are some benches on the inside where it is possible to sit down or lie down.

For heating the environment there is an electric stove, the traditional saunas included a wood-burning stove, on which are laid special stones. Wetting the stones with water and thanks to the temperatures a very humid environment is created, with temperatures closer to the 80 degrees, which is perfect to eliminate the excess toxins.

According to tradition, the saunas are built in wood, but they can be also in metal or completely in glass, very similar to shower box.

Hafro Ghibli, available in built-in and freestanding versions.

How much space does it take?

The first important thing to take into consideration is if the available space is appropriate to install a sauna. The necessary space depends on how many persons are intended to enter. Our Dwelli team suggests a sauna in big dimensions, in this way there will be the possibility to stretch out completely and having a relaxing time or sharing the place with relatives and friends.

What is the minimum space?

For those who have little space available e don’t want to give up to relax themselves, there are saunas very little for 1 o 2 persons on the marketplace. With a minimum space of 1,2 m2 a person can enjoy the moment of calm in a sauna in absolute tranquillity. The minimum height is of 2,3 m.

Inside of a Sauna.

Where can a sauna be built in?

One of the best important decisions concerns where to arrange the sauna. They don’t have a specific form and they can be placed everywhere: in an attic, basement and even in the garden. The only necessary requirement is the presence of an electricity source.

Dwelli’s advice is that of fixing it in a room easily accessible, which has a space where put some cots, which allow to people’s blood pressure return to the normal values at the end of the treatment.

Another suggestion is that of installing the sauna next to a window or skylight in order to let the room ventilate after the session.

Do you need building permits?

Absolutely not, if the sauna is built in a room of the house or in a new establishment and no extension is planned, there’s no need of any concessions. In the case of constructing a new establishment, the concession will be needed for the structure itself not for the sauna on the inside.

Is it possible to install the sauna on the outside?

Surely. For recreating the original Finnish sauna effect, the placement in the garden is perfect, as said earlier, the only duty is the presence of an electric source.

Is the sauna safe?

If it is installed with the required cautions and by specialized people, the sauna is safe at the 100%.

In conclusion, having a sauna at home can be a dream which comes true, visit our Wellness section to discover the perfect solution for you!

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