Heating & Design: 5 products to furnish and heat home

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Heating & Design: 5 products to furnish and heat home

When choosing a radiator, a heated towel rail or a stove, it is no longer enough that it is of the right size or that it transmits the amount of heat necessary for the size of the room in which it is to be inserted. Above all, design, personality and character matter.

From exclusively functional products, therefore, they have been transformed into furnishing elements to become multifunctional products suitable for any environment. In this sense, the major manufacturers rely more and more on architects and designers, whose creativity opens up to new forms, innovative materials and different finishes for an increasingly creative and modern proposal.

Models that range in both vertical and horizontal developments and which can thus also become angular or curved without ever losing their heating function. The great evolutionary process of the heating furniture allows to find interesting and alternative proposals even in the absence of space or in particular living contexts with solutions capable of optimizing performance and energy saving. Available in the hydraulic, electric or mixed version, the thermo furnishing radiator models are useful especially in mid-seasons, when you do not want to turn on the central heating, but still want to take advantage of more heat in the bathroom, living room or any other space. housing in the house.

1)Tubes Scaletta heated towel rail

The heated towel rails for the bathroom are really able to satisfy every desire of size, shape, color, moreover, it is really comfortable to let yourself be enveloped by their warmth. Among them, the Tubes Scaletta was a revolution. The design of Scaletta is a far cry from traditional heated towel rails: the ladder is an immediate object, which needs no explanations to be understood because it is part of everyone's imagination.

Scaletta is instinctively conceived as an "object that decorates and heats", offering in addition the utmost freedom of positioning it in any part of the room, mostly in the bathroom. Scaletta, which is electric and plug & play, is made of aluminum in a wide range of Tubes colors, and it is available in two versions: wall-mounted and free-standing, both of which come with a pulley which winds up the electric cable.

2)Antonio Lupi Bioethanol built-in burner

Not just a fireplace, but much more. The encased ethanol fireplace is produced according customer and room requirements and it is able to include other functions also. It appears as a three-dimensional contemporary painting containing an ancestral element such as fire. It is an encased ethanol fireplace, a wall edged frame. Its minimalistic structure plays as background scenery and it is hosting the ethanol burner.

3)Irsap thesis chrome radiator

Today radiators change shape and finish, they have become elements of true design, furnishing accessories that are well suited to the style of the house. Their essential functionality goes hand in hand with the innovative design of recent times. They have become elements capable of giving life to a corner or a wall of one's living space. The rounded lines of the Tesi radiator match the reflections of the chrome finish. The Tesi Chrome Plated model reinterprets the concept of the heating element to make it the protagonist and provide an object of desire, a catalyst for everything.

4)Montegrappa life stove pellet

In an attempt to go beyond the nature of the pellet stove as a mere functional object, intended exclusively for heating, Cadel combines the most innovative operating technologies with a modern, captivating and minimal design. The stove manages to fit harmoniously into the home environment, enhancing it. The flame becomes a design element, giving life and warmth.

5)Tubes Astro heater

Astro is a fan heater, but also an air purifier, an accessory that furnishes: an electric heating object of reduced dimensions, which with ease brings the heat wherever it is needed and then, surprisingly, purifies the air. Heat and air, two primary needs for the human being, therefore become the essence of this object. It has the technology necessary to perform two functions independently: heating and sanitation. It can be included in any space inside your home, blending in with the environment.


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