Countertop sinks: which are the new trendy materials?

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Discover which are the 5 trendy materials right now for a countertop washbasin!

The countertop washbasin has now become a fundamental element for the bathroom area. Being an essential design element, it is important to choose it carefully, not only for its size or shape, but above all for its material.

The countertop washbasin has a greater aesthetic and design impact than a built-in one, as it protrudes or rests on a shelf or piece of furniture.

Being well visible, the choice of material has become essential to make it a unique design object that stands out. Therefore, designers and companies have been able to indulge themselves by creating innovative materials, more resistant, easier to maintain and clean, also with colors never seen before.

Let's find out together, therefore, which are the trendy materials!

1) Cristalmood: Antonio Lupi Senso C Nebbia

The result of antoniolupi research, Cristalmood is a transparent resin with a glossy finish, resistant like stone, clear as crystal.

The precious resin is manually poured into the molds, after which it is processed to give life to a unique product, in fact between the various products there are slight differences in color or shape, making it exclusive and unrepeatable.

The peculiarity of this type of washbasin is the color: thanks to its material it is possible to have it in 12 different shades never seen before. The Fog-colored Senso C countertop washbasin in Cristalmood manages, with its lightness and elegance, to fit into any context. It starts with a rectangular geometric shape which however then softens with sinuous lines making it a soft and contemporary object.

The feature that makes it amazing is that it can be restored after a scratch or damage! By using an abrasive sponge, it is possible to make the surface homogeneous after it has been scratched. Furthermore, it is a very easy material to clean without having to use special products.

2) Corian: Planit Lux Wings

Corian is a solid surface, that is, a material created by man by mixing minerals and resins, hard and resistant but ductile like wood. The material, being thermoformable, allows virtually indefinite imperceptible joints. Thanks to this it is possible to create countertop washbasins with unprecedented shapes.

Corian is opaque, warm and satin to the touch, moreover its natural color is white, but it can be colored with any color or texture.

In fact, Planit Lux Wings is an elegant countertop washbasin that develops in an asymmetrical manner and includes both the right and left versions. In addition, it can be rotated as desired to make the bathroom even more personalized and unique. The exterior paint in gold is a touch of luxury perfect for bathrooms with light and muted colors.

3) Cristalplant: Agape Drop

Cristalplant is known for its beauty similar to natural stone with a soft touch effect that makes it particularly suitable for use in the bathroom: thanks to the new 2020 formulation it has acquired virucidal, antifungal and self-cleaning properties.

It is considered the purest white in the industry, and the surface reduces the sound of flowing water.

The countertop washbasin is dynamic, with an unconventional style with a shape that resembles an island. It combines perfectly with the warm colors of the wood, to obtain a living space with a northern European style.

4) Stainless steel: Gessi Venti20

Choosing stainless steel washbasins means selecting the furnishing accessory for every type of bathroom, from the most classic ones, but also suitable for modern ones.

Steel is a product that resists over time and passing fashions and allows you to furnish the bathroom by combining functionality and design. In addition to being very easy to clean, it is a very resistant to corrosion and impact material. Thanks to its properties, it also adds a touch of shine to the living space.

It adapts perfectly to the rest of the furniture in the room, simultaneously becoming an element that can stand out.

Steel, being a material already used in the past, has been magnificently reinterpreted today by Gessi: with the exciting spirit of the "roaring" 20s, a countertop washbasin was designed with measured retro notes and careful attention to details.

Symmetry, rigor and perfection...not a simple piece of furniture but an object with a strong identity thanks to its Warme Bronze PVD finish.

5) Formed 24%pb Crystal: Glass Design Ice Oval

Crystal is perfect for those looking for a refined, elegant and luxurious style. Thanks to the artfully made processing (contrary to what one might think), the formed 24%pb crystal is a material quite resistant to temperature changes and corrosion by chemical agents.

Compared to other materials, it certainly needs more care, but having such a countertop washbasin in the bathroom area makes the room even brighter and shinier.

The great aesthetic effect of the mouth-blown and stone-ground Ice Oval washbasin by Glass Design, as if it were a work of art, is generated by the elegant transparency of the purest 24% pb crystal.

Inserted within black or dark shades of furniture, it becomes a real exclusive jewel.

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