Calacatta: 3 marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles

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All the beauty and timeless charm of the calacatta marble veins

In the latest trends in the world of interior design we find the timeless beauty of marble-effect porcelain stoneware, used as a detail to characterize an environment or as a characteristic feature of an entire room.

Among the protagonists there is certainly the effect of Calacatta marble, an elegant and refined marble that, thanks to its infinite and multifaceted shades, can be used in different contexts and for various applications.

It is a fine-grained marble, with a white background and soft veins ranging from light yellow to gray, up to black or purple in some cases. It is precisely the grain that defines its quality.

In the bathroom, the refinement of the marble veins becomes the absolute protagonist in the shelves, in the coverings but also in the functional elements such as the washbasins or tops with integrated washbasins, made entirely with tiles.

The coating can also be used for the internal walls of the shower, making it a capsule in which to relax outside of time.

The wide use of this material is due to its ability to make any space bright and opulent, but also to balance colder shades or any square shapes.

Among the various possibilities we recommend 3 tiles with calacatta marble effect:

Flaviker Supreme Wide Calacatta extra

On large porcelain stoneware slabs (up to 160x320 cm), all the beauty and charm of calacatta. A technologically advanced ceramic material that can be easily used in very different contexts, in terms of size and intended use.

ABK Sensi Calacatta Select

The light veins of the marble effect are elegantly combined with dark-colored furniture elements (such as the washbasin in this case), creating a balanced contrast.

FMG Maxfine Calacatta

The marble slabs have a pure white background. Its veins run obliquely and are characterized by grays of different shades.

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