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An original design and the quality of the products is what distinguishes the Geda Nextage brand from all the other manufacturers and traders of sanitary and kitchen taps. Geda Nextage was founded in the 90s in the province of Pordenone, specifically in Porcia, for over 20 years it has specialized in the production and sale of bathroom and kitchen taps. What distinguishes the brand that in a very short time has come to have a worldwide reputation is its original design and attention to detail, in addition to an eye always attentive in the quality of the products that choose to offer. A high quality product all made full in Made in Italy. Looking at the tap that is proposed to us we immediately notice the difference between everything we find on the market today. Particular and atypical shapes, a unique game of curves to create unique bathroom and kitchen taps. The attention to design that the brand gives to its products can be seen at a glance but this is not enough, in fact it chooses to use the most prestigious and strictly eco-sustainable materials. Another particular detail is the attention paid to energy saving, which is why all models are equipped with special devices that reduce the consumption of water.

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