6 tiles to furnish the bathroom in an alternative way

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How to decorate the bathroom with 6 creative types of tiles

In the process of renovating a house, the bathroom is one of those rooms that has taken on greater importance in recent years. The choice of the floors and tiles that compose it has become fundamental today to make the bathroom area a welcoming and a room to be lived.

It often happens, however, that during the process of choosing the tiles you end up choosing a collection or a trivial finish, without character. Another aspect to consider is the choice of the tile format which heavily influences the final result. Here, then, are some advice that may prove useful for choosing the perfect bathroom coverings. Dwelli suggests 6 ideal tiles for you to furnish the bathroom area in an alternative and creative way.

1) Mutina Déchirer Decor Black

Determined and elegant. The barely perceptible bas-reliefs, which delicately cover the surface, are not mere decorations, but represent torn memories. Color allows you to create changing, harmonious and refined environments, guaranteeing a contemporary look. Perfect when combined with the wooden details.

Déchirer was a revolution in the field of ceramic coatings. The use of Continua technology has made it possible to create large-format slabs in homogeneous unglazed porcelain stoneware. In addition, there is also the hexagonal format 120x120 cm or 60x60 cm which makes the bathroom even more alternative, but at the same time refined.


2) Flaviker W_all Milk Sketch

W_ALL is a project for indoor wall cladding that goes beyond the traditional concept of color range: it is a real container of surfaces, with different tactile and visual perceptions, capable of imparting different styles to environments.

W_ALL is stone, plaster, marble or wood at the same time. Various material sensations in a main format, 30x120 cm, ideal for the bathroom, kitchen and furnishing walls.

The graphic selection was conceived on the basis of the main FLAVIKER floors, recalling their aesthetics in a soft version, for a feeling of greater uniformity of the wall. Furthermore, the neutral colors allow you to combine them with the rest of the furniture, creating a coordinated and balanced environment.


3) ABK Play Marble White

With PLAY, designing with ceramics becomes a game. A small square is the great protagonist of the project, re-interpreted in a thousand ways and capable of becoming a characterizing element of any space, through patterns, graphics and colors.

In the only 20x20 size in porcelain stoneware, PLAY is a transversal product for multiple uses: in the residential setting it enriches the floors and walls of bathrooms and kitchens, in public and commercial contexts it becomes a decorative surface that enhances any intervention.


Contemporary, sophisticated and trendy design. The PLAY collection contaminates contemporary spaces with a playful and decorative spirit. The textures with a vintage flavor, geometric patterns and optical textures have been designed to meet the most diverse stylistic and design needs.

4) Mutina Azulej Gray combination

Azulej is a complete collection that can be used to create highly decorated, but also minimal environments. Azulej is made up of three basic colors (white, gray and black) available in the 20x20 cm size, on which 27 different patterns are created to compose a combination, which cannot be sold separately, which matches its own background and which, placed randomly, can be repeated endlessly.

From this combination, 9 individual patterns have also been selected for each base color that can be used individually, combined with each other or with backgrounds. They are suitable for the creation of details in the center of the room, frames or magnificent decorated floors and walls.

The patterns combine deliberately different languages: memory, geometric, floral, developed both longitudinally and diagonally.


5) Flaviker Supreme Treasure Corchia Gold Oblique

The elegance of white marble and the luxury of precious stones and metals come together to give life to Supreme Treasure. In particular CORCHIA GOLD stands out a variety of arabesque with almost golden details.

Perfect for making the bathroom area a privileged and whimsical place, but it also easily adapts to kitchen coverings, making it unique and unrepeatable.


6) ABK Wide & Style Mini Maui

The experience of "wallpaper" on a large Wide & Style slab has allowed ABK to develop a revolutionary covering project that combines the expressiveness of a palette made up of ten colors with decorative patterns that develop on the wall such as fabrics or wallpapers. Specifically, the floral Maui pattern transforms the bathroom into a lush room that gives serenity to the body and mind.

Leaves, flowers and vegetation are the new design trends, in fact with these new patterns it is possible to take the imagination to distant places to reconnect with nature through the walls of the house.

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